Liam Nguyen

Graphic Designer
Auckland, New Zealand

Graphics for small businesses


2021 - 2022

Project type

Brand identity, supporting design assets


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Procreate


Digital illustration, target market research



First project: logo design for Ha Anh LLC, a Vietnam-based restaurant chain that wanted to step in the beer manufacturing industry. Second project: a logo I made for my friend who owns a tarot reading business. Third project: menu design for Buns and Rolls.

Logo for Ha Anh LLC

Their old logo options were not eye-catching and they needed a revamp. Their products target males between 21 - 45 years old, that is why the logo needs masculine colour combinations such as brown, red, dark blue, yellow and black. The prices are between mid-range and premium, and the logo has to reflect that using polished but strong fonts plus beer-related symbols.

Logo for The Moon Tarot Shop

The Moon tagets young female audience under 30, who love to have online talks about their minds, love lines and life issues. The logo design brings a sorcery, mysterious and elegant feel to the brand using sophisticated illustration and a display, ornamental typeface.

Menu design for Buns and Rolls

This client wanted to change the outdated paper menu to digital displays. The new design has colours that imply natural, organic food and bamboo plant - a symbol of Vietnam. The layout, typography and imagery were carefully designed to ensure readability from a far distance.

Graphics for small businesses